We at Dilly’s Kitchen (Mike the father-in-law and Tom the son-in-law) have tried to create something different.

Mike had a dream, so he worked on for 10 years hoping to begin his dream one day, then Tom came along being a Chef for 7 years, put the final piece together. So after marring Laura ( Mikes step daughter ) they teams up and started to work on Dilly’s Kitchen.

Tom believes in using local produce that supports the community, as we all know times are though, and Mike likes to chat a lot. Putting these two together created a shop, but not just any shop its a Country Kitchen! Were we invite you to come in and have a chat, while enjoying food that is made from fresh local ingredients.

If you haven’t got the time to chat, then we offer you to take away ready cooked meals to heat up once you get home. Taking away lifes stresses of cooking.

The Dillys Kitchen Team